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Our proven Love Says Go learning method is simple, powerful, and fun! Weekly, we watch a short lesson video, a short how-to video and complete an action step. This training method is effective and designed for the busiest of schedules!

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We help normal believers become Everyday World Changers!

Normal Believers

We train stay home moms, business people and everyday believers to share their faith in Jesus. No matter the personality type or age.

God's Love = Freedom from fear

Fear can trap us into living a life that is less than God has intended. It is through God's powerful love that we can be set free from fear.

Holy Spirit Equipping

We specialize in simple and powerful training in Holy Spirit gifts such as; hearing God's voice, healing the sick, and evangelism.

Changing the World

We are convinced that all believers are called to be everyday world changers! We can change the world one person at a time.

Love Says Go helped me to enjoy being a Christian again! I experienced more of God's love and had more fun too. It has been one of the greatest seasons in my life!

-Joyce Garbutt

Meet Jason & Debby

Jason and Debby have a passion to equip the global body of Christ in God's love and His power.

Jason is ordained from Bethel Church in Redding CA and founder of Love Says Go Ministries. His passion is to see normal believers grow in God's love and freedom to share Jesus with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Debby is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa Oklahoma and has her degree in social work.

Together they live in Basel as missionaries to Europe. They believe this is the greatest time in history to be alive and to manifest God's kingdom and His glory!

Christ in You The Voice - Movie Clip

Debby and I had the huge privilege to be in this incredible Jesus movie. Watch how God heals and moves upon these wonderful young people's hearts! With just some simple training, you can learn how to share Jesus in power. More >>


Bill Johnson

We have been encouraged by Jason Chin's message and lifestyle. His life has had a great impact on the work that God is doing here in our city.

Danny Silk

Jason is a revivalist in every sense of the word. He's climbed the waterfall of "fear of man" he's swum the moat of doubt and unbelief; and is demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven.

Joanne Moody

Jason and Debby Chin are revivalists bringing the overwhelming healing love of Jesus into everyday life through empowering others to move beyond fear and limitation.

Ben Fitzgerald

Jason & Debby are good friends that have a powerful calling to equip the body of Christ in the love and power of God. They genuinely live the lifestyle that they teach. 

Everyday World Changer Testimonials

"Love Says Go has changed my life! Fear no longer has a hold on me like before!"

- Colleen Hart (New York, USA)

"One of the most profound growth experiences of my life! I experienced God's love in ways I had not before which made me bold."

- Tharaka Gunarathne (Aberdeen, Scottland)

"Love Says Go helped me to enjoy being a Christian again! I experienced more of God's love and had more fun too!"

- Joyce Garbutt (Belize City, Belize)

"Love Says Go taught me my true identity in Christ. I feel way more confident to prophesy and pray for the sick now! "

- Luke Palasz (Wisconsin, USA)

"Love Says Go changed my life! All fear of man has gone which was something I struggled with my whole life!"

- Irene Reid (Tauranga, New Zealand)

Love Says Go Growth Tracks are exclusive training for our monthly Partners.

Training Topics


Father Heart of God

The Father heart of God is a key foundation part of everything we do at Love Says Go. It is paramount that we learn how to live from the place of "being" loved by God. Everything should flow from this revelation.


Our Identity in Christ

When we get to terms with who we are in Christ, we can more naturally, effectively, and effortlessly do what we are called to. Understanding our proper identity is critical to a lasting lifestyle of God's love and power.


Freedom from fear

Love Says Go has been graced by God to bring much freedom from the fear of man to share Jesus with others. This is accomplished by receiving God's love and removing performance pressure.


Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We train simple and powerful methods to quickly get our students activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We focus on hearing God's voice for ourselves and for others, ministering healing to the sick, and more.


Sharing your Faith

We were created to receive God's love but also to share God's love and His plan of salvation with others. We have fun and do-able weekly Action Steps to grow in confidence in sharing our faith.


Discipleship Multiplication

Love Says Go is partnering with Acts Now Moment disciple school. We will train some of the basic discipleship tools to help our students make disciples that multiply and not just converts.

Calendar & Time

Spring Growth Track (Academy) Starts on Feb. 20th.

Live Workshops: TBA

Time investment is 1 hour a week. Growth Tracks are designed to fit with the busiest of schedules. 1.5 hours a week if you join a live monthly Zoom Journey Group.

The Love Says Go Learning Method

Give us 1 hour a week for effective life-changing God growth!

Training Videos

Weekly, one powerful lesson video about 30 mins long. These include incredible testimonies that will surely build your faith. God has brought us world-class trainers in Love Says Go!

Holy Spirit Training

How-to videos where you learn how to practice to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We focus on God's love that overcomes fear, hearing God's voice, and healing the sick.

Action Step

A weekly action step where we get to practice what we are learning that week. This is where much growth in God happens.

Live Workshops & Q&A

We have Live Zoom workshops to encounter God's love and to be equipped. Many healings happen during these times too!

Global Journey Groups

When you have time, we have monthly live Zoom gatherings to refresh and encourage you in your God growth. These are in different times zones and lead by our wonderful Love Says Go Global Leaders. Life-long friendships happen in these communities!

2023 Instructors & Contributors

Jason & Debby Chin

Love Says Go Ministries International

Benji Morf

Kingdom Family Multiplication

Danny Silk

Loving on Purpose

Joanne Moody

Agape Freedom Fighters

Joel Shaw

Tivoli Miracle Centre

Steve Backlund

Ignited Hope Ministries

Chad Gonzales

Chad Gonzales Ministries

Jim Rogers

His Presence Ministries

Ben Fitzgerald

Awakening Europe

Common Questions

How much does it cost?

All our Love Says Go training is accessible to our monthly Love Says Go Partners. You can ask God how much your monthly Partner contribution could be.

See Partners Program >>

How do I know it's for me?

Do you have a desire to know God more intimately, to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to get past fear to share Jesus with others? If so, Love Says Go Growth-Tracks will be a great fit!

How much time will it take?

Love Says Go is designed for students that work full time. The weekly time investment is 1 hour a week. 1.5 hours a week if you join a monthly Journey Group.

How do I participate?

It's totally up to you. Each week, a new training module unlocks. You are free to complete the weekly activities anytime during that week. Love Says Go can fit into the busiest of schedules.

When can I get started?

On Feb 20th, we will unlock the first orientation module. Our Love Says Go Facebook group will open that day too. We encourage you to invite some friends go through this training with you.

What happens after I finish?

Upon completing our Spring Growth Track (Academy), we will take a month pause and then start with our LSGA Summer Growth-Track. We are committed to your continued God growth in Love Says Go!

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