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Introducing - Love Says Go Activate Mini-School! (Online)

We have helped train more than 100,000 people to grow in a supernatural lifestyle of love and power and we want to help you do the same! - Jason Chin

✔️ IMPORTANT UPDATE : Our July 2019 class has sold out at 2,000 students from 60 nations.

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Save your spot in our next class! 

Starts Jan 2020 

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This is our Brand New Activate Mini-School! Includes 8 complete training modules. ($149.00 Value) Now Free! (Online)

  • Our proven Love Says Go training will help activate you into deeper intimacy with God's presence and His voice and help you share your faith with others.
  • You will not only get great biblical teaching but you will be able to practice doing what you are learning.
  • We have an entire Love Says Go community to help cheer you on in your personal and special God growth and journey!

Meet Jason


Jason Chin is founder of Love Says Go ministries and Love Says Go Academy (LSGA), an online School of Supernaural Ministry. 

Jason has been graced by God to activate the body of Christ in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In turn, this can unlock deeper intimacy with God and more power to share the gospel of Jesus with the world!

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Bill Johnson

"We have been encouraged by Jason Chin's message and lifestyle. He shares the importance of walking in power and gives very practical ways to make the supernatural a part of your everyday life."

Danny Silk

"Jason is a revivalist in every sense of the word. He's climbed the waterfall of "fear of man" he's swum the moat of doubt and unbelief; and is now storming the castle for souls and demonstration of the Kingdom of Heaven."

? How does our Activate Mini-School work

We have developed a great learning system of 8 training modules, including these key components:

1. Learn at Your Own Pace- The training material can be accessed anytime and watched at your personal pace.

2. Great Biblical Teaching- All of our teaching and training is grounded in the authority of the written word of God.

3. Classroom Videos- Each classroom video shares biblical truths with personal testimonies to encourage your faith.

4. Live Training- Included are scheduled live training sessions, workshops and Q & A times with our Activate students.

5. Action Steps- We do fun and practical actionable steps to help you start practicing what you are learning in class.

6. Our Community- You will have access to receive encouraging input and feedback of your progress from our school leaders and other students in class.

7. Ongoing Training- We have ongoing (free) training after you compltete Activate. There are ample resources, workshops and activities available to you for your contined God-growth!

My own story: Overcoming fear

In 2007, I entered the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry to equip myself in hearing God's voice and be trained in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

Up to that point I’d always thought that only “special” people were used powerfully by God, but I classified myself as born "ordinary".  

While I was hungry to share Jesus with others and demonstrate his love in supernatural ways, fear was stopping me in my tracks. For weeks in a row I skipped classes because I was too afraid to take risks in faith.  

Have you ever felt this way? Is fear trying to stop you from your God given destiny?  

If so, our Activate Mini-School is for you! Through God's powerful truth and love, Jesus is going to impart new freedom from fear and more joy into your life!

5 Great Reasons, you should join Activate mini-school!

  • 1. Time- The time commitment is designed that anybody, no matter how busy you are, you can do this!
  • 2. Presence of God- Every session and activity is anointed with God's presence.
  • 3. Value- This training is valued at $149.00 and we want to invest this into your God-life for no cost to you!
  • 4. Fun- We make every activity not only powerful but also really fun.
  • 5. Potential- Our belief is that your pontential in God is so valuable, that you can not afford not to invest into it! 

Love Says Go Activate Mini-School

($149.00 Value) Now No Cost!

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It's going to be great growing in God with you!

Starts January, 2020!